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JoAnn Takasaki is a serial entrepreneur and experience collector with an incurable travel bug, a penchant for writing, and a single (glorious, gorgeous) cookbook under her belt: “Luau Like a Local: The Easy Way.” By day, JoAnn runs her copywriting agency GlobalWrites, providing writing services to companies large and small.

Come see JoAnn speak at the Ignite Houston Revolution on September 11, 2014 on expat survival skills adapted.

Growing up an expat, I had to learn some survival skills that have served me my entire life. Friends, extended family and co-workers who weren’t raised elsewhere either marvel at or are perplexed by how I move through the world. Now that I’ve lived in one place for 18 years—nearly 5 times longer than I lived anywhere else—I’ve had to learn how to adapt those skills for a place in which and people with whom I now have the (un)comfortable weight of history.